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ख्यातनाम व्यंग्यकार, पत्रकार यशवंत व्यास को प्रतिष्ठित राष्ट्रीय शरद जोशी सम्मान की घोषणा

मध्य प्रदेश शासन द्वारा व्यंग्य, ललित निबंध, पत्र लेखन, डायरी, रिपोतार्ज जैसी विधाओं के लिए स्थापित राष्ट्रीय शरद जोशी सम्मान वर्ष 2017 के लिए अमर उजाला के समूह सलाहकार व व्यंग्यकार यशवंत व्यास और वर्ष 2018 के लिए टीवी पत्रकार रवीश कुमार को प्रदान किया जाएगा।







Share talks & Tools

Understanding cutting age media through sharing the knowledge for cause.




Create and Present

Ideas and Creativity merge for the purpose of beauty of thoughts.



Learning Science of Life

An engagement with one’s self in the light of collective wisdom of the east



Positive News Station

Share heart warming stories of  life, hope, courage and bonding.



Media for greater good

Experience the joy of being through work for media projects


exchange4media‘Ayurved Sutra’ launched  under the editorial leadership of Yashwant Yyas.

“‘Ayurved Sutra’ is a perfect experiential journey. It is an engagement with one’s self in the light of collective wisdom of the east, abreast with latest and worthy scientific trends and researches,” said Founder & Editor-in-Chief Yashwant Vyas. He further stated, “There is no dearth of people striving to live a life brimming over with positivity. And there isn’t extreme shortage of people who know how to lead such a life. But most of the time these two sets of people remain incommunicado, in non-intersecting circles. ‘Ayurved Sutra’ is that dynamic and pulsating bridge between these seekers and providers. It is different because we are offering precious intellectual and experiential gems dug out of quality clinical research, academic documentation, and practical knowledge supported and supervised by deep spiritual understanding of the nature of the things of this existence.”

“We believe in rationalism of a philosopher, sense of life of a monk and approach of a scientist.”

‘Ayurved Sutra’ will be a monthly with four premier editions – Monsoon, Winter, Spring and Summer, a handbook of positive life that could be used to keep one’s spirits high and body healthy and thus, living in harmony with nature, environment and one’s professional life.


Read Hit Updesh by Yashwant Vyas

In the times of Recession For those who did read the centuries-old Panchtantra by the Indian Scholar Vishnu Sharma and Hitopdesh by Shri Narayan Pandit in the form of comics, but are desperately wandering in search of a torch in the corporate jungle, as if without it there will be no DAWN….. Remember, the DAWN belongs to the SUN, not to the torch made by their compaines. This unique book offering tools for coping with the demands and stresses imposed by the corporate jungle has been penned by well-known writer and editor, YASHWANT VYAS. Having gleaned HIT UPDESH from the celebrated Sanskrit Classic HITOPDESH he is here with a new concept of Razor Management, written in an eminently inimitable style. Learn How not to be Hunted in Corporate Jungle with him.



Comrade Godse – Hindi Play – Ram Niwas Garden, Sindhi Camp Jaipur

Friday, Apr 04, 2014 Based on the novel written by eminent author Yashwant Vyas, Comrade Godse is a story of Pyare Milan who was found dead at a place where Hindu and Muslim localities met. This murder was used by media, journalists, artists, politicians, social groups for their own benefit. Director: Sabir Khan, Writer: Yashwant Vyas (TOI Jaipur)


Amar Ujala to enter ‘competitions’ space with Pratiyogita

Monday, May 02, 2011. Amar Ujala group is set to enter the competition-exams-centric magazine genre with the proposed launch of a new Hindi monthly magazine ‘Pratiyogita’. The 200-page magazine will target young aspirants who are preparing for competitive exams. The project is led by Yashwant Vyas, Consulting Editor, Amar Ujala.Speaking to exchange4media, Vyas divulged, “This magazine will give comprehensive studies to the young aspirants who are preparing for competitive exams. A panel of eminent experts will be part of the editorial of our magazine. Their expertise will surely help the students of the Hindi belt who do not get sufficient study material to prepare for various competitive exams. (Exchange4media)


Amar Ujala to launch Hindi weekly ‘Yuvan’ from Kanpur today

Monday, Jan 24,2011. Along the lines of its education project, Amar Ujala is set to launch its weekly Hindi youth centric newspaper ‘Yuvan’ on January 24, 2011, from Kanpur, known as the education hub of Uttar Pradesh. Priced nominally at Rs 5, ‘Yuvan’ will be available only in schools and colleges.Speaking on this initiative, Yashwant Vyas, Consulting Editor, New Projects, Amar Ujala, said, “‘Yuvan’ is targeted at the youth studying in Hindi medium schools of Kanpur. It will carry content, which will shape their future. We will be giving opportunities to some of the students of various schools and colleges to work as student reporters for the newspaper. In the first phase, ‘Yuvan’ will be available in 150 schools of the city. Soon, we will organise various workshops for youth awareness. (Exchange4media)


K.K. Birla Foundation awards presented

April 19, 2008 JAIPUR: Rajasthan Governor Shailendra Kumar Singh on Thursday said the country had not kept the promises it made to the downtrodden at the time of Independence. The plight of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes remained the same all these years while those at the helm of affairs continued to pay lip service to these deprived groups, he said.The Governor was speaking after giving away the K. K. Birla Foundation’s Bihari and Vachaspati awards for 2007 here.“The reservations we provide are only an excuse not to treat Dalits on an equal basis,” Mr. Singh said. At the time of Independence the Dalits were promised equal treatment in every sphere of life. However, after all these decades the issues of temple entry, sharing a common water source and equal treatment to Dalit children in schools still remained. “The SC/STs remain where they were in the past and reservations have not helped,” he noted. “If you sincerely want to bring reforms, boycott the caste system,” Mr. Singh told the audience which comprised writers, academicians and intellectuals.


The Bihari award, which carries a cash component of Rs.1 lakh, was given to Yashwant Vyas for his satirical novel in Hindi on communal violence, “Comrade Godse”. The Madhya Pradesh-born Mr. Vyas is presently the Editor of “Aah Jindagi”, a magazine published by the Dainik Bhaskar Group. The Bihari award, instituted in 1991, the year in which the K. K. Birla Foundation was established, is given to an outstanding literary work published in Rajasthan.

The Vachaspati award, given to an exceptional work in Sanskrit language at national level, was conferred on Swami Rambhadracharya for his epic poem, “Shribhargavaraghaviyyam,” which has Lord Ram and Parasram as lead characters. This award also carries a cash prize of Rs.1 lakh.



‘Aha! Zindagi’ attains circulation of 1.34 lakh in a year

September 29, 2005 : ‘Aha! Zindagi’, the new-age monthly Hindi magazine from the Dainik Bhaskar Group, has reached a circulation of 1.34 lakhs, as per the ABC figures for January-June 2005. As per NRS 2005, the readership figures stand at 5.95 lakhs.Sanjeev Kotnala, senior general manager, brand strategy and communications, Dainik Bhaskar Group, says, “The magazine has not only managed to carve a niche for itself, it has even created a space for Hindi niche magazines, a section dominated by English language publications till now.”He continues, “When we launched the magazine a year ago, we felt that there was a need for aproduct that would highlight the positive aspects of life and dispel all the negativity surrounding us. We specifically targeted readers in the age group of 25-35 years. But in the last one year, we have seen that ‘Aha! Zindagi’ has gone beyond this age group till, today, it caters to both youngsters and elderly readers.”Yashwant Vyas, editor, ‘Aha! Zindagi’, says, “It is a myth that people don’t want to read in Hindi and our magazine has proved this.”


That’s for now, but about the future, Vyas says, “We want to take our ‘Aha! Zindagi’ club a step further and promote the positive work taking place throughout the country and bring it to the forefront for people to read.”