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Khwab ke Do Din is  a novel with novel idea. Its first part deals with the media scene of 90s and  second part with the start of 21st century. Two dreams and two awakenings. In fact his first novel CHINTA GHAR and second, COMRADE GODSE  are called Do Khwab. Published by Rajkamal Prakashan  @2012 Preface : […]

HIT UPDESH : the book of razor management is being published in Gujarati by Rannade prakashan Ahmedabad. Only few copies are available in Hindi and English. Welcome to the corporate-jungle. You can change. You can be ready for a change. You can be as stable as you wanted to be but the vagaries of life kept […]

kal ki taja khabar ISBN 10: 978-81-87482-83-3 Language: Hindi Publisher: Vagdevi Prakashan List Price:  170.00 Year: 2008 Binding: Hardbound

Comrade Godse is the novel written by eminent author Yashwant Vyas. In his inimitable style Yashwant has taken a burning issue with great balance. It is not sensational; it has an undercurrent of sadness. Novel revolves around regional press industry, communalism, market forces, black, white & grey characters and a grand fantasy. How an ordinary […]

यशवंत व्यास को नयी पीढ़ी के रचनाकारों में भाषा और शिल्प के स्वर पर अद्भुद ताज़गी के लिए जाना जाता है। ‘अब तक छप्पन’ में उनकी चुनी हुई व्यंग्य रचनाएँ है। रचनाओं की विषयवस्तु और मुहावरे दोनों ही सत्तर के दशक के बाद बनते-बिगड़ते संसार की प्रतिध्वनि हैं। सामाजिक सरोकारों, बाजारवादी प्रभावों तथा मीडिया के […]

  Book Code: 8171196950 Author: Yashwant Vyas Status: Out Of Print Pages, Ills etc.: 163p Year: 2001 ISBN 10: 8171196950 Binding: Paperback ISBN 13: 9788171196951 Language: Hindi Publisher: Radhakrishna Prakashan List Price:  65.00 buy online http://www.rajkamalprakashan.com/index.php?p=sr&Uc=8171196950

Yaari dushmani ISBN 10: 81-86116-53-2 Language: Hindi Publisher: Rachana Prakashan List Price:  125.00 Year: 2000 Binding: Hardbound

Book Code: 8171194419 Author: Yashwant Vyas Pages, Ills etc.: 247p Year: 1999 ISBN 10: 8171194419 Binding: Hardbound ISBN 13: 9788171194414 Language: Hindi Publisher: Radhakrishna Prakashan List Price:  350.00 buy online http://www.rajkamalprakashan.com/index.php?p=sr&Uc=8171194419

In dino prem urf lot aao neelkamal ISBN 10: 81-86116-37-0 Language: Hindi Publisher: sheetal Printers List Price:  125.00 Year: 1999 Binding: Hardbound

Book Code: 817178495x Author: Yashwant Vyas Pages, Ills etc.: 143p Year: 1996 ISBN 10: 817178495X Binding: Hardbound ISBN 13: 9788171784950 Language: Hindi Publisher: Rajkamal Prakashan List Price:  95.00 buy online http://www.rajkamalprakashan.com/index.php?p=sr&Uc=817178495x